The congregation to help you escape North Canton

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is the "golden" for a lot of ideas, but no funds for friends, raise public appearance as timely assistance. Raise the public, that is, the masses of public funds or fund-raising, the public means to raise funds through the Internet to raise funds and raise funds.

A in order to pursue their dream of a programmer, decided to quit high paying stable work, with their savings for 5 years to raise the network launched a "ant story" theme T-shirt project to raise the public in public, to start their own entrepreneurial path.


raised pattern appears to intend to flee North Canton to two or three line city business provides an opportunity for people. On the one hand it can help project sponsors to raise the necessary funds, on the other hand can also help entrepreneurs access to network resources, business advice and support for entrepreneurs, these are the snow to send carbon help.

if you initiate the project successfully raised the public, Congratulations, you can quickly use your congregation to raise money to implement the business plan, the official opening of your escape North Canton in the two or three line of the city business process. If luck is good, it is also possible to get the attention of VC, and then give you a lot of money. It is reported that the United States each year nearly half of the entrepreneurial projects are on the platform to get out of the herd.

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