The Green Plan to help youth innovation and Entrepreneurship

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innovation environment is the need to rely on more social forces to improve the policy is to give more guidance, only this, Zhejiang branch of the Bank of Chongqing held a "Green Plan" to help youth innovation and entrepreneurship.

"Qingfeng" project to start early youth as helping object, to Small and micro businesses to focus on helping to Small and micro businesses "timely assistance", help youth innovation and entrepreneurship. Mr. Peng registered a new energy company in December 24, 2015.

the production of biological particles is a new material, can be a high-tech environmental protection energy to replace coal combustion, the equipment requirements are particularly high. Although the company set up a short time, but with Mr. Peng to cooperate with the legal person engaged in the industry for many years, has a stable customer resources and a wealth of sales experience.

Biological particles

in February this year, the production appeared in short supply situation, seeing the orders in front of company but not in a short time to raise funds for production equipment, expand the scale of production. Although thought to be able to bank loans to solve the problem, but after asking a number of banks are due to the operating time is short, and no collateral, can not get loan support.

a chance, Mr. Peng learned through a friend of Zhejiang Bank launched the "Qingfeng" program, specifically for the Banan area to provide loans to support young entrepreneurs, then try holding the mentality to Zhejiang bank. The bank’s account manager in the understanding of the difficulties encountered by the owners, immediately conducted a field visit, detailed investigation.

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