Tianjin set up Chong Star College entrepreneurial training camp

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this year, a significant increase in the rate of college students, despite the enthusiasm of young creative people have been mobilized, but still have to face a variety of difficulties and problems, the phenomenon of low success rate has not yet improved.

"Meng a 3D virtual mirror" project leader, Nankai University software engineering professional senior Zhao Fuli said that this technology is the camera connected to the computer, people stood in front of the equipment, make some dressing bag action, you can see after oneself wear these clothes look, realize the effect of virtual fitting room. As a technical leader in the project, Zhao Fuli hopes to participate in training camp to learn some technical experts. Entrepreneurship is a comprehensive ability test, although I joined the (Microsoft) club, but did not actually do anything in the user experience, image processing will still feel difficult. We need to find a very helpful "Daniel" for programming, and we also want to know some people in the clothing industry. We have been to Binjiang Road for research, but this is only superficial, for the real fashion designer is how to do, we are not very clear."

North entrepreneurial training camp co-founder Hang Yuan said, entrepreneurship has some obvious errors. First of all, the judgment of the market demand problems, many of them are out of their own. In real practice will be found in fact, the market has a lot of alternative products, or that their products have no advantage in terms of cost. Secondly, there are a lot of students start seriously underestimated the costs of running the company products to enter the market, from R & D to test pilot to the final product, packaging, brand promotion channels and subsequent maintenance and repair are not taken into account, the invisible cost, including tax, the financial cost of harvest is not heard said, they lack the basic knowledge of tax law. Some students asked, "I have not made money, also need to apply for tax returns?" Some people ask, "I am a legal person, I would like to pay their own wages, social security?"…… This often results in a very hasty venture, passion is quick, failure is faster. This may be particularly easy to make mistakes in College students. In addition, there are some entrepreneurs to consider the legal risks, the lack of protection of intellectual property rights and other issues.


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