What are the techniques of selling underwear

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hot summer has gone far away from us to the cold winter, this season, how little a warm pants? Leggings are countless girls are the most favorite kind of clothing, put the stall selling pants are also very much. Thus, they formed a fierce competition in the industry, want a good business, nature also need relevant skills. So, put a stall selling Leggings can have what skills?

when I sell Leggings half earned, business is really good, but now want to sell Leggings at the suggestion of a friend to sell that can wear that, but in fact it was cold, the kind of backing backing me sell better skirt shorts, leggings that would be me in the 10-15 are good money is much better, but I didn’t take it, and then sell high on price, and pressure goods, the cost is much higher, 25-35 sell very fire, one night are busy busy.

but I just said that the purchase price seems to wear I reckon it more than and 10 dollars a bar, our wholesale market outside sell only 19, how they should earn five dollars that sell 30, we sell the business is good, a lot of people buy.

sell things you have to learn a skill, that is, no matter what, you have to say thin! Good-looking! Well done! Even if the opposite is a big fat man! You have to say for sure! Yes! You are beautiful! I’m a good fit for you! Would you! Oh dear! This thing finally found the owner! Like all the things that made her laugh at her and make her laugh when she saw her smile! This is a big deal! It’s a bad deal!

We said that

marketing model is very simple, you remember a bit, as long as you are not ugly to go out the door, fat a heap of meat, the best is to sell you something to a customer of your own things, you want to make a dress version, you will have to wear jewelry the scarf, you will have to send at least five, anyway, people feel you are eating this professional meal!

flicker does not matter, said his shop opened here where it does not matter! The key is that you have to give people the feeling that your stuff is good stuff, you will not put out today do not put aside and come back tomorrow, this Leggings because my legs are not very fine, I was dressed in black only a small company or a kind of floral knee leggings, melon all know that thin baby.

why don’t wear leggings Le Nan, very simple, his thick legs also wore flowers in ancient Shao you don’t crush your own business? These clothes sell like most of the problems is that fat, not wear, not appropriate, do not know how to dress collocation, no, this is the most basic problem, only these, say what quality is not good, the gossip is to find a reason to call you five dollars, when faced with these problems is recommended

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