Soft sister how to do poineering work from the boss of the queen

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people often say that the venture industry is not suitable for soft and soft girl girl survival, the petite but with his amazing perseverance and courage to find business enterprise, positioning themselves in a group of men to build their own entrepreneurial circles, different from the business platform.

she was from zero investigation project manager to technical manager to sales manager, vice president until sum into work, the queen. However, the idea of having their own career so that she was born with the intention of entrepreneurship, as the boss of China’s survey of the private placement of the boss of the survey group Tang Xuemei began the process of entrepreneurship.

when everything into the right track, employees at all levels of each department is responsible for the company, into a virtuous cycle, when the president of the Tang Xuemei actually feel "relaxed": "I have the ability to play almost the same, many of my ideas are put into practice, well done things to do so and lack of power. He felt a lack of passion and an innovative fun."

in addition, choose their own business there are two reasons: one is to find a sense of belonging, the development of a lifelong career of their own, for their future occupation career an exclamation point, do not want to do the work; two is the queen was central school of management learning EMBA Tang Xuemei supported many do CEO friends: "you are so good, with their own ability to do, no problem, we will support you!

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