Capital winter how to start the coffee against hot water

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but the entrepreneurial boom met the capital of the winter, entrepreneurs restless, faced with the challenge of entrepreneurs should be difficult, the opportunity is left to the strong, any crisis will turn.

4 6, Nanjing was a day of rain, to midspring Jinling City added a few silk coolness.

"continuous" entrepreneurs have the most "understand"

although today Suning is a successful enterprise, but in Jindong, Suning and many start-up companies are in the business, but in different stages of entrepreneurship.

1990 today, from a franchise air conditioning professional retail companies integrated retail chain enterprises to the largest, then O2O strategic transformation, Suning passed the difficult 26 years. Therefore, Suning has the deepest understanding of entrepreneurs".

"venture with football (game) is like, I used " football is round " to describe the game change unpredictably, until the last moment, what is possible. Therefore, the players in the game to concentrate on time, go all out." Zhang Jindong said, the same, the difficulties and hardships will not stop start on the road to real entrepreneurs, "persistent hard work, never give up" is a magic weapon of success.

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