Female college teachers resigned venture 3 years cast sword selected outstanding youth

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resignation entrepreneurship need courage, especially for those who have a teacher, civil servants and other people envy others, the resignation of entrepreneurship is to reverse the direction of life forward. Qingdao’s Wang Minyan made a decision to resign entrepreneurship, after 3 years, she was named Licang District, the outstanding young man of the year".

resigned from a college teacher, join the tide of entrepreneurship, 36 year old Wang Minyan, in just three years has been operating business square, Licang district and Qingdao top college students entrepreneurial innovation works, become the cause of the "Iron Lady", "leader of entrepreneurship". Recently, Wang Minyan was named Licang District ten outstanding youth".

2012, Wang Minyan as a mentor, led his students to form a team of 5 to participate in the "win in Qingdao" business competition, achieved excellent results. "If you want to teach students to start a business, I have to start a business!" Wang Minyan secretly determined. An accidental opportunity, she and partners to build the Licang District college students entrepreneurship Plaza, providing entrepreneurial services for college students. Under the leadership of Wang Minyan, just three years, has been operating a total of two incubators have achieved remarkable results. At present, there are more than 250 incubators entrepreneurial team, there are 191 projects to complete the registration of the company, to help enterprises have been incubated in various types of social investment of more than 3000 yuan.

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