Do business should be good at listening to customers a of overtones

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said that the language is a wonderful thing, the same sentence, the tone is different, different occasions, the meaning of the expression may be very different. And to do things to be successful, it is necessary to "intentions" two words. Way of doing business, with no exception whatsoever.


, I think everything, xinchengzeling to walk; but in the daily operation, business people "heart" is not to blindly competition we who have "perseverance will prevail" patience and perseverance, but should pay attention to customer "overtones" in communication with the customer communication, to achieve "a higher realm of heart".

I run the cigarette and liquor vendor

is taking the "sophisticated" route, so even if a lot of high quality and inexpensive consumer goods are sold out, but do not undermine the overall effect of the store to the high-end atmosphere, I generally do not like these goods. This leads to a lower level of consumption of some customers into the store will be a look prohibitive. Some simply do not mention the purchase intention, just like tourists like in the shop around, praise a "boss, you store really many valuable things, or laugh saying so many high-quality goods, to feast our eyes on the line, and then walk away.


, I always let the customer in a hurry, don’t miss the opportunity to regret; but then often see them go home but left with nothing whatsoever, from other stores, especially to buy things in my shop also has sells, has been that do meet smile to send had been considered by the business I wake up: do not understand the heart in vain, the obedient heart, listen to "overtones".

then encountered such a customer, I took the customer say seize the opportune moment.

, "boss, you have a lot of valuable things in the store!"

"all the valuable things out of high quality and inexpensive goods tokenism, relatively low-key, hiding."

"so many high-quality goods, to feast our eyes on the line."

"you come, you can not see them all, but also consider the sinseong hoe. There must be something in store for you."


is not much, but it is easy to reassure customers and their consumption level was low if the store refused to despise concerns.

in fact, as long as we pay attention to the customer can be found, many sounding bland words, often hide their unspoken feelings. For example, when we are of sincerity to customers that gave him the lowest price, some customers will appreciate gladly accepted, but some customers do not appreciate, seemingly inadvertently will say "I × × shop is the price".


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