Around the lake race in Guangzhou successfully concluded

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started from Chengdu, Wuxi and Xiamen, through Shanghai, June 19th, 2016 Qinghai Lake bicycle League ushered in the Guangzhou Railway Station game, this is the event of the last race, riding more than 400 players from around the country to attend. July 2nd, the first 20 players in the tournament will gather in Qinghai lake, to participate in the finals more brutal contest.

"around the lake League" as "Lake Race" big brand of the derivative of a series of events, since its inception in the sub station to host a strong reaction in the first four races, nearly 2000 people participated in the league. Wherever he went, the League to open the run game concept, strong brand influence, professional event organization, international events, rooted in folk riding friends, have a broad social impact, warmly welcome friends and held in the riding. It’s "companion" around Qinghai Lake cycling race around Qinghai Lake, disabled students cycling, but also enriches the lake race brand architecture, to create the event cluster, improve the sports industry chain, provides in the Lake Race channel for different people.

Guangzhou race continues to set up a group of four groups of Public Riding group, men’s road group and men and women mountain group. Because it is the last chance race can enter the finals, so the match from the registration phase began showing a "bursting" status, and Guangdong province is the large province of sports and sports Province, has made great contributions to the development of sports industry in China has the most cycling atmosphere therefore, at the end of a race started in Guangzhou, also has a very high gold content and influence events.

, director of the Qinghai Provincial Sports Management Center Wang Xianzhong said Qinghai Lake bicycle League is different from the professional bicycle race, with more people, participation threshold radiation less, stimulate and attract more people to participate in the experience of cycling. The league with an open concept, strong brand influence, professional event organization, international standards, rooted in folk, joint competition, win-win cooperation, to provide the best platform for the national amateur race bike enthusiasts, to provide a good platform for the city to participate in publicity, and the whole society to share the fruits of development around the race.


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