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, as long as the focus of the Provincial Personnel Examination Center WeChat public service number, you can submit personal information on WeChat to complete the registration and payment!" Recently, the Internet technology platform personnel examination center of innovation, based on the original network registration system, the development of a more convenient version of "Internet plus personnel examination registration system, a new means of using the technology of WeChat registration and payment etc. have been walking in the forefront of the national personnel examination system. The new version of the registration system on-line trial run in April 19th, has completed the registration of nearly 5 people.

personnel examination center responsible person, in 2008, to apply for the convenience of the candidates, the Provincial Personnel Examination Center in all kinds of personnel examination gradually implement online registration, only in 2015, the Provincial Personnel Examination Center completed about 170 thousand people online registration work. This year, the province’s civil service examination, the number of candidates to submit a single exam information submitted to 60 thousand people, a record high. Online registration has become an essential window between the Provincial Personnel Examination Center and the candidates. Online registration and on-site registration, greatly reducing the manpower, material and financial resources waste, reducing the security risks in the process of registration organization, improve the efficiency of registration, registration to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information and safety.

with the development of science and technology and the increasing number of applicants, the current registration system is difficult to meet the needs of business development through upgrading, the development of new registration system imminent. Therefore, the Provincial Personnel Examination Center in cooperation with the Shandong University Omar Software Technology Co. Ltd. developed a new online registration system.

according to reports, the characteristics and advantages of online registration system is the opening of the WeChat and WeChat to pay attention to the examinee registration, the Provincial Personnel Examination Center of WeChat public service number, you can submit personal information on WeChat to complete the registration. To pay the cost, only need to scan through the phone WeChat to pay a two-dimensional code to complete the payment. Using html5+css3 technology, a variety of terminal can better support different systems, different sizes, different manufacturers access; the implementation of the registration system, registration for the first time to automatically save the optimized interface guide function; optimization; photo upload, automatic processing system, not to upload photos of the sample type and size restrictions, candidates can also through the collection of personal mobile phone camera upload photos.

in the future, the Provincial Personnel Examination Center will continue to add more features in the network reporting system, such as in the process of adding SMS or WeChat real-time notification function, query function.


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