This year Huangzhong County farmers into urban hukou has exceeded 100 thousand people

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reporter recently learned from the Huangzhong County Public Security Department, this year, Huangzhong County farmers into the town has exceeded 100 thousand people, the provincial capital of Xining surrounding farmers to become citizens.

Huangzhong County farmers and migrants to urban and non-agricultural industries transfer task is arduous, the number of household registration reform base, a wide range of types. In order to implement the urbanization Huimin policy, Huangzhong county set up a leading county government headed households to change work leading group, the implementation of the household registration reform "number one responsibility, in the urban area of Xining city (rural) farmers Village, the whole village and the relocation of centralized basic landless as the focus, focus on the implementation of the household registration the reform of the system of the whole village, in the original province and city to determine the 70 thousand people transfer target, self pressurized, will enhance the goal of reform to 100 thousand people.

in the family changed, with full respect for local farmers, migrant population, college students and other groups will transfer, agricultural urban hukou into account, the status of the farmers still retain, for "the village collective membership card", continue to enjoy the protection of the original village collective economic organizations in the land, homestead benefits etc. all types of farmers’ rights and preferential policies. And after the transfer of households can voluntarily choose to be included in the urban subsistence allowances or retain the original security system. Huangzhong county also innovative methods of work, commissioned by the relevant personnel to design the village turn to apply for the record form automatic production process, so that the accuracy of the information reached 99%, effectively improve the efficiency of the user to change. Up to now, the county 25 thousand and 300 of the renewal of the account, print village collective membership card 24 thousand and 700. (author: Su Feng Zhang Duojun)


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