Seminar organized by Xining public security organs for emancipating the mind

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7 on 29 May, the city’s public security organs held a seminar on emancipating the minds of seminars, continue to emancipate the mind, accelerate scientific development, in-depth discussion. Xining Municipal Committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee, Public Security Bureau Lv Benqian mobilization speech.

Lv Benqian pointed out that we should improve our understanding, unify our thinking, deeply understand the great significance of emancipating the mind, and enhance the awareness and initiative of doing a good job in the discussion. Emancipating the mind is a practical measure to improve the ability of the public security organs to serve the city’s economic and social development.

Lv Benqian stressed the need to closely linked to the theme, highlighting the importance of careful planning of emancipating the mind to discuss the activities of specific initiatives to effectively enhance the relevance and effectiveness of the discussion activities. According to the reality of our city public security work, we must base on learning and thinking, and strive to break through in the liberation of thought; based on continuous improvement, and strive to break through in the rectification of the problem; based on the investigation and research, and strive to breakthrough in reform and innovation. Be sure to focus on local economic growth, the development in the service, let the party and the government felt the public security organs new measures to serve the local economic and social development; the focus of attention of ordinary people, the police in a harmonious relationship, to make people feel close to the public security organs and the breakthrough in the convenience of the people the police; around difficulties concern, in all the police involved in the transfer, let the police feel the new ideas in the construction of the team.

Lv Benqian requirements, to strengthen leadership, responsibility, grasp every link of emancipating the mind big discussion activities strictly, and to discuss the activities carried out full of sound and colour. The city’s public security organs at all levels should take the important schedule to discuss the activities before, give full play to the leading role in discussion activities, grasp the correct direction to discuss the activities of the firm, and always adhere to the distinction between different levels, different principles, actively create a good atmosphere to discuss the activities of the.


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