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The text anchor text and hyperlinks optimization method what is the difference

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: first is the text with hyperlinks URL

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

website right down topics:

Compared with the URL optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

chain has a lot of attention, there are also many chain forms, this let the webmaster is very headache, the weight that the chain brings high benefits that the chain, do it? This is more concerned about the problem, look at the specific analysis following small series. read more

The webmaster do not update the snapshot of the misunderstanding of love Shanghai

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said the following necessary conditions that Shanghai snapshot update, love Shanghai snapshot update is updated according to the importance of website content and timeliness, many owners also met the love of Shanghai snapshot not updated for a long time, the love of spiders in Shanghai to build a new website does not consider the value of the index, so if you want to make your site updated snapshot or, from the importance of the content of the website and the timeliness of improvement.

written in the last read more

Analysis of those you have not seen the chain

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H1 label.

web page super link

Add the chain


there is no thought, our own website can do anchor text links, also can do the hyperlink oh. If shown, leave your website link on your website content page (hyperlink). This link has become the premise effective link is the current page indexed by search engines. If you want to link to query this link is valid, please read the examples of how to identify the chain is the chain of

now the chain work is really more difficult, not easy to find the hyperlink, or invalid link, or nofollow. Leaving only pure text links. Even the most love love love Shanghai Shanghai know, Wikipedia has become even more difficult. Remember to love Shanghai know to add a chain is easy. Now 6 love Shanghai but also know the account is a love, Shanghai seems to know set up a mechanism, an account of the same chain can be added only once, second times by adding the rate is very low (day, hard upgrade can only get a chain). In a few days and share what we have not done from the chain. read more

At the beginning of the three month workplace rookie Shanghai Longfeng share

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means search engine optimization, is a very popular way of network marketing, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities. Divided into the station outside the station and Shanghai dragon Shanghai Longfeng two. The main work of Shanghai dragon is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, to improve search engine rankings, so as to improve site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website the final technique. read more

Novice webmaster about doing the actual effect brought by the chain

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Hello, I am 90 novice webmaster. Has published several articles in the A5 response is also ok. When love is in search of Shanghai, we can also find a lot of websites to my article, a little sense of achievement, but I know the road to do stand long, I would like to search up and down.

long ago heard to do website, "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So, there is much role growth visible outside the chain of a website. But although I heard many people say that, but they have never experienced the effects of the chain. Before I was rich in the content of the website, although the website article is Google and can also love Shanghai included, but the daily traffic website is still not much, most of which are attracted by the long tail words flow. So, I think it should be in the chain link, so I crammed outside the chain of knowledge, and to the practical application. read more

Owners used the blog comments type promotion can prosper long

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two: mutual evaluation opportunities in


: a review with hyperlinks

what kind of website search engines love? Even in a blog, the article is most people from the top, also affect the web site in the search engine’s weight, and longer residence time when IP and a variety of user easier access to search engine reliability. The popularity of the flourishing of itself up, even the search engine doesn’t love? So to improve the weight of blog in the search engine, but also one of the reasons for the PHEI blog. But if only so, if not every change IP, saving time is. read more

The specific steps of the small and medium sized enterprise website optimization Shanghai Dragon

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this is the most important step you plan to do better, then right, not to execute according to the plan, all in vain. Do well in the station optimization, keywords layout, title and meta writing, links and the structure of the website, and then make the content of the website and the.

fourth, set the site optimization

sixth, the execution of

do anything to set a performance goal, website optimization is the same, is mainly set goals, to carry out strict. Target the short-term goal of long-term goals, how to quantify how to do is to refine the segmentation, every day, it will be more easy to see the effect. read more

Ye Jun the impact of high quality web content of Shanghai Dragon

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search engine, search for any information on the Internet is very convenient, many users will click on the website, but the amount found the content can not meet the needs of the search time, will leave immediately, continue to find what he needs, so as to provide more suitable content to accurate positioning site the user, the only way to get the favor of users. That is what we say that sentence: content is king. If you want to rely on the ordinary content of success, you need to pay more efforts in other areas. The success of the website will certainly need first-class content. read more

The new Media Metrix calculation of cross platform service Public opinions are divergent

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as the new service can not repeat the measurement of views, according to the latest comScore website ranking reflects the impact of mobile devices more and more.

years, the network media service development, reflects the changes in the Internet and user behavior, before using Media Metrix Syncapse product marketing, comScore has been sold to the largest Kalehoff company.

data set on the widely used Media Metrix, mobile Metrix, Video Metrix, from comScore Analytics (analysis) package direction start service. This means that the audience can now be collected data from the desktop computer, intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, video and Application on site see. Digital media performance measures of multi platform Media Metrix has more than 300 thousand. read more

The website of Shanghai Longfeng lay the foundation needs to be strictly structured

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B, learning from competitors, learning from the industry leader. The competitors do well, must have his forte, we should through the data analysis to find competitors operating means, first after imitation innovation, finally achieve transcendence. Any one industry leader, as long as the Shanghai dragon, is absolutely do good, we find his winning secret can use to other industries, copy is sometimes very easy to succeed.

Shanghai, the knowledge structure is actually very good, one is to stand inside knowledge of Shanghai dragon, one is to stand outside the knowledge of Shanghai dragon. In the station optimization optimization, including code and label content optimization, URL optimization, keywords layout optimization, chain layout optimization, standing outside the chain optimization including construction, domain name host factors. These things can form a powerful knowledge network structure, each point is held very simple, use more simple. Here is a full map of Shanghai Longfeng solution we can refer to, is not comprehensive, you can add your own read more

The new period less fat content and the chain in the end do not reliable

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we know that the chain is the optimization of a necessary step, can improve the ranking and transmission weights of keywords, and can improve the optimization target station on the Internet exposure, is conducive to the website optimization. There is a new observation period in love in Shanghai, although the official did not do more to explain, if the structure, contents and new chain do well enough, but also can make the website in advance of the assessment period, we (from the content and the chain), the two aspects of structure analysis, the content of the railway station and the chain number reliable read more

The user has entered a new era of the Three Kingdoms search market to the world

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love Shanghai in recent years has been due to phishing advertising, false advertising, black enterprise website, writer and singer copyright infringement repeatedly on newspapers. A lot of enterprises by the monopoly of the bitter and the site could not be fair to users to search, but because of its large size and products are also OK, after the company generally get them really no way. After all, love Shanghai occupies most of the search China search market, in terms of user experience and not too much innovation. read more

Web site keywords ranking around the reason analysis

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search engine!

3. sites have suspected: excessive optimization optimization over the site to be search engine punishment is an open secret, although the search engine.


as everyone knows a website if you get a search engine especially love Shanghai’s favor and Chuiai, would introduce visitor traffic Everfount, however only the search engine recognition site, ranking weights will get higher, at the same time, we think that the site is completely in line with the search engine user recommended value basis, which will receive visitors the retrieval needs. Only to fully meet the intrinsic value of both basic search engine and user, will become a search engine ranking good site. According to the idea, we can control the factors that affected the evaluation and about our website quality and user recommendation value of read more

The true value of the anchor text is to enhance the user experience and website ranking

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third: do not hold the simulated user recommended thinking to do anchor text

: the first anchor text number is best not more than three

mentioned Scindapsus algorithm when browsing this article, believe that users will want to know the details of green ideas, so Zac is the anchor text of the word, and he pointed to a recent report on Scindapsus algorithm to blog, allowing users to learn more, it can effectively improve the the user of the site viscosity, Shanghai dragon Er should also learn Zac when adding anchor text, only to fully meet the needs of users of the anchor text is really meaningful. read more

Virtual son rain electricity supplier circle four strange phenomenon at several methods of Longfeng

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we see the map to know a station that was in the home occupied the four position, and two stations are his two website a second, first tenth, the owners of the cattle X degree as can be imagined. As far as I know, the child is a student station the first phase of the Shanghai dragon money expert rain brother, seems to get rain brother advice. You can go to his blog to see some methods he shared, or good. This is due to the child brother’s execution, and find some weight higher site posts and links, make full use of the love of Shanghai. read more

Wedding photography website optimization Links share combat operations

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Links platform

Do 2, through the QQ group

in Shanghai love to enter "wedding photography" or "area + wedding photography" and other words and then click, in order to open the wedding photography website, find their website with the person in charge of the exchange;

is currently almost every industry has the corresponding link in the QQ group, QQ group to find wedding photography Links group, add some more, then in the group released information or find all of the members of the group of read more

How to use Taobao and advertising to make moneyLi Shanyou Sun Wukong is the founder of cool 6 mature

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The young Summarize the content of the construction of

went back and I did an e-commerce site in his own way, www.lining-china, an e-commerce website for Lining stores and Lining sneakers.

see "journey to the west", especially love to see the monkey king Sun Wukong in the period, he felt good prestige, on the world sea, who are equal to anything, he can not do nothing, is really worthy of the name of the "Monkey King"! Especially not love west Sun Wu in the period of time, a really stupid! A mouse sperm, can make him helpless; a fine cow, could have killed him. Encounter difficulties, not to go to Avalokiteshvara, is to ask the emperor, good useless, good not ambition! After the start, suddenly have a new understanding of "journey to the west": from Sun Wukong before, just a single molecule from destruction; after that, he has a mission, is the actual entrepreneurial team responsible person. An independent occupation person, he is only responsible for their own related business, business ability is the most important of his ability, in this context, he has full opportunity to display and display space, it is easy to become an individual hero. An entrepreneur, invisible among his responsibilities and need to be responsible for the categories of more than a hundredfold, this time, comprehensive ability required far beyond his own professional ability, it has been not suitable for personal heroism in his new role. What he needs now is how to make full use of the internal and external resources and connections to help him solve his own problems and difficulties that he is unable to solve. read more

nternet entrepreneurs for webmasters how to seeSeveral ways of making money online

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Internet business is like in real life, the first consideration is the need of investors’ money, not to say that the Internet is not money, it also needs to recruit people, personal world is difficult to become bigger and stronger, the capital operation is the key, but this time, in fact, many things are not an excuse to stop our money business, actually this is only one of the reasons, can not be said to be too absolute, many things make us think of contacts.

one, open shop

must have a lot of school students would like to have a part-time effort, especially that time the school first entered university, Yi Gunao better idea of it. In order to increase social experience, or to improve life, in short, the future is full of wonderful vision. read more

Focus talk about the hottest four grassroots circles of profitabilitySocial dividend faded you stil

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basically speaking, the network circle is divided into four circles: Taobao circle, SEO webmaster circle, micro business circle, bidding profiteering product circle

we can see from the diagram that most of the mainstream media channels have been covered. The idea is to use their own media channels, guide powder to WeChat subscription number, and then marketing. The core of this matrix lies in the WeChat subscription number cluster, which is divided into ABCD.. And other subscription numbers, and outputs specific content for different target populations. read more

Chalk net do exclusive education training micro blog learning communityWhat kind of Wangzhuan is he

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It may be a bit late for

origin by both sides lack of precise and controllable communication channels

this is a discussion of personal webmaster Wangzhuan prospect of paste technology, it can not avoid the mention of my own station. You can see this article as an ad sticker with a bit of technical content. Those who do not like can leave at once. But I believe if you take a few minutes to read this passage. There must be some feeling. Some new ideas.

I contact the Internet for 7 years

by the end of 2011, Li had found a child English training teacher for his child. After a query, he was depressed to find that there was no way to get information about the teacher’s degree of professionalism, teaching style, student evaluation and so on. When chatting, Li Yonggen’s friends talk about their troubles, I did not expect everyone to have similar experiences. This allows media origin, the business, the Internet industry has a wealth of understanding, Li Yong began to pay attention to this market. read more