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first_imgA few final election thoughts:It’s very taxing!We’re running an unscientific Web poll now on who might best save taxpayers money (Irish leprechauns are doing well) and a Van Kovacs commented.“What’s this fixation about SAVING money?” he asks.I had to respond.“Ah, Van, if you look around, I don’t think we have a fixation about saving money. Does $16 trillion in the hole sound like we’re saving money?”Of course, elections aren’t only about trying to give the taxpayers a break, but if what you pay is important, then you should know what you’re paying.You’ve heard a lot about how local governments are slashing budgets. But when you cut through all the gunk, simply look at your property tax bill.Here’s what mine says:2010 – $2,7912011 – $3,0682012 – $3,189Do you see a pattern there? That’s a 10 percent increase and then on top of that another 4 percent increase.last_img

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