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Notre Dame student looks to win Cystic Fibrosis scholarship contest

first_imgSophomore Emily Apakian knew her painting needed to be extraordinary.After several days and hours spent poring over her canvas, she picked up her paintbrush and dipped it in colors she felt were most natural for the finishing touches of her painting. With a specific image in mind, she slowly guided her paintbrush over the canvas’s surface before stepping back to view the finished product.The result is a close-up portrait of a brunette girl with arms outstretched and a wide smile on her upturned face. Her exposed neck displays a red and blue trachea leading down to a pair of lungs, as if peering at her through an x-ray. Red, yellow and purple flowers stud the dark-green background behind her.“Roses are sort of the symbol for cystic fibrosis,” Apakian said. “I guess it symbolizes how I try to live my life, trying to accept whatever happens to me with a positive embrace.”Painting this picture was no ordinary past-time: Apakian submitted it for a AbbVie Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Scholarship contest along with an essay and list of her achievements for a chance to win up to $22,000.The scholarship is specifically intended for American undergraduate and graduate students with CF, which, according to the CF’s Foundation website, is “a progressive, genetic disease that causes persistent lung infections and limits the ability to breathe over time.” Apakian is one of what the website said is approximately 30,000 Americans diagnosed with the disease.“Some people are diagnosed when they’re older, but I was diagnosed three weeks after I was born, so [CF] has been part of my life forever,” Apakian said. “It’s hard to describe because I’ve lived with it my whole life, so I honestly don’t know anything different.”Along with the painting, Apakian submitted an essay about a CF research study she participated in when she was in middle school. For the study, Apakian said she had to eat “a disgusting powder” whose flavor would not be disguised despite her mother’s efforts to bake it into different types of food. After many failed efforts to mask the powder, Apakian said she finally decided to eat it plain to help research efforts.“That [study] increased my awareness of how I want to do something that will help with CF,” Apakian said. “I think it’s just really important, too, especially because so much research has gone into CF for me to do whatever I can to help further that research because there’s so much not known about it.”After winning an initial $3,000 academic scholarship in June along with 39 other undergraduate and graduate scholars who won the first round of the contest, Apakian is now in the running for the undergraduate $22,000 Thriving Student Scholarship, which will be awarded to one of the undergraduate finalists by the end of October.Online voting to determine the winner of the $22,000 is currently taking placing on AbbVie’s website. The number of votes a finalist obtains comprises 30 percent of his or her score while the judging panel’s criteria decides the other 70 percent.“If I win [the Thriving Student Scholarship], I can share that story more with people and help advocate for CF,” Apakian said. “For some people with CF, it can be hard because of so many medical complications, so winning can maybe show people that it’s possible to deal with CF.”As symptoms differ case-by-case for CF patients, Apakian said her symptoms include pancreatic-insufficiency that makes it difficult for her to digest most foods other than fruits and vegetables, a persistent cough and longer-lasting regular illnesses.Though Apakian said Notre Dame’s Sarah Bea Disability Services have been helpful, she said transitioning to college and implementing her routine of treating her CF symptoms was an adjustment for her.“Coming into [Notre Dame] and having to keep that schedule the same is different because there are some things I need to do, like order and pick up my own medication,” Apakian said. “It’s just small things that are different, but I have good friends who I’ve told about it, and they support me, and it’s really nice to have that support group who don’t mind if I have to go do my treatments while something else is going on.”Along with what Apakian said are “many medications” that she has to take, she also dedicates 40 minutes of her morning and night every day to CF treatment. When she is sick, she does it three times a day.“I usually have to wake up earlier to do respiratory clearance treatments, so that involves a nebulizer, which I use to breathe in my saline solution that helps clear the mucus in my lungs,” Apakian said. “I also use a vest which literally shakes you to help get out the mucus.”With what the CF Foundation’s website said is an average lifespan of about 37 years for CF patients, Apakian said she struggles to accept the fact that CF can be fatal.“I feel like I need to motivate myself by reminding myself that this is an illness that could potentially go downhill at any time, so that’s definitely a challenge for me,” Apakian said. “And I know that. I just have trouble balancing that.”As a chemical engineering major, Apakian said she is considering going into the bioengineering field after graduation to dedicate some of her life to helping people infected with CF.“I try not to think about the negativity that is brought by [CF] because I’ve had a good life so far,” Apakian said. “It helps having such a good family and good friends who support me and love me no matter what happens, too.”Tags: AbbVie Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship, CF Foundation, cystic fibrosislast_img read more

Campus dining director discusses new dining locations

first_imgShortly before winter break, Campus Dining announced the addition of two new dining locations on campus. Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh, a Greek restaurant, will take the place of Au Bon Pain Catering in the Hesburgh Center. Director of Campus Dining Chris Abayasinghe said that the new eatery will offer fresh, healthy Mediterranean food in a social yet scholarly setting.  “We wanted to respond to the new Jenkins-Nanovic Building, which is constructed right next to where this facility is going to be, and we also want to acknowledge the growing globalization of our campus and begin the process of introducing authentic, delicious cuisines,” he said. Abayasinghe said Garbanzo is expected to open in March 2019. The second new retail location, Pizza Pi, will be located in the place of Reckers on the south side of South Dining Hall. According to a previous Observer report, the restaurant will serve mostly Italian foods, such as pizza, pasta and breadsticks, in addition to salads and smoothies. Pizza Pi’s hours are planned to be 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday. “Especially with the new residential hall being built on over on this side of campus, we also wanted to acknowledge late-night dining venues,” Abayasinghe said. “So we thought, what better way than for us to renovate Reckers?” Pizza Pi will also be serving beer and wine options to students who are of legal drinking age. Abayasinghe said several factors influenced the decision to serve alcohol in a campus restaurant. “The first piece was to acknowledge the ability for us to serve responsibly on campus,” he said. “The second part was for us to also acknowledge that as you have these cuisines come together, whether it’s pizza or whether it’s pasta or delicious salads or things along those lines, that we could introduce into the culinary scene here more than just soda and beverages like that, so we wanted to acknowledge that. And thirdly, thinking of the late-night activation and so on, we wanted to be able to create that environment where students could dine and also be able to drink responsibly.”Due to Indiana state laws, the dining area will be separate from the bar area, which only students who are over the age of 21 will be able to enter. Pizza Pi will also require identification to verify the age of students who wish to order alcohol, Abayasinghe said. “In the state of Indiana, we are required to follow certain codes in regards to the service of alcohol,” he said. “Because this facility will also be able to serve food and items like that to folks who are under 21, we have to physically separate the area where students will be 21.”Pizza Pi is set to open the first week of May 2019. In light of these renovations, Abayasinghe explained the process behind choosing which dining locations to remodel each year. “We also do periodically re-evaluate the restaurants that we have on campus and make decisions on which ones need to be remodeled and which ones don’t,” he said. “So it’s not like every year we remodel just one or two. It’s a planned process.”There are no concrete plans to remodel any other campus dining locations, though Abayasinghe said there are plans to evaluate locations to make sure they are running smoothly and determine if they need updating. “There are plans for us to evaluate facilities, and if they need to be remodeled because of the years of service it’s been open or whether we are shifting a concept, then yes, we would remodel them,” he said. Abayasinghe also stated that despite the success and prominence of the new Duncan Student Center, there are no concrete plans to remodel LaFortune Student Center, despite its many years of service. He also said Campus Dining renovated the back kitchens in LaFortune over the winter holidays. In addition to continued work on the retail eateries on campus, Abayasinghe said Campus Dining is working on reviewing the student meal plans and looking to improve the system. “One of the main items that we are continuing to work with student government on, as well as Student Affairs, is the ongoing conversation about meal plan review,” he said. “ … So I see that as our big conversation for the rest of the semester into next year.” Abayasinghe said the meal plan inspection is occurring because it has been a long time since campus meal plans have been evaluated. “Every so many years — it’s actually common practice and actually a best practice for us to review how our students are dining,” Abayasinghe said. “Knowing full well that the last review of meal plans happened 20-plus years ago, we know that it’s time for us to consider these conversations, and this has been ongoing for two years.”With all the new projects Campus Dining is unveiling, Abayasinghe said their decisions on renovations and projects to focus on are a response to the preferences of Notre Dame students. “It’s truly a partnership piece between ourselves and our students — and, by extension, Student Affairs — where we constantly evaluate and are open to conversation about, what do we do great? Where’s our opportunities, and then finally, what can we do to provide the best outcomes?” he said. “Every year we’ve been making those changes with new student leadership and I really think, with all the exciting things that have happened and continue to happen, is us being responsive to the needs of students these days.”Tags: Campus DIning, garbanzo mediterranean fresh, pizza pilast_img read more

Brooks awards

first_imgBy Faith PeppersUniversity of GeorgiaFive University of Georgia faculty received the prestigious D.W. Brooks faculty awards for excellence Oct. 1 in Athens, Ga.The annual awards ($5,000 each) recognize UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences faculty who excel in teaching, research, extension and county extension programs. An award for international agriculture is given in even-numbered years.The 2002 winners are Robert Shewfelt, teaching; Daniel Fletcher, research; John Baldwin, extension; Sidney Law, county programming; and Gerrit Hoogenboom, international agriculture.The CAES sponsors the annual lecture and awards in memory of D.W. Brooks, founder and chairman emeritus of Gold Kist, Inc., and founder of Cotton States Mutual Insurance Companies. Brooks was an advisor on agriculture and trade issues to seven U.S. presidents.Seth Carus, senior research professor in the Center for Counterproliferation Research at the National Defense University, delivered the 2002 D.W. Brooks Lecture, “Bioterrorism, Homeland Security and the Food Supply.” The lecture and awards presentations were in the Mahler Auditorium of the Georgia Center for Continuing Education.Shewfelt, a food science professor, was cited for his innovative approach to teaching. He’s highly rated by students and considered a leader in interactive education.In his six years as a member of the UGA food science faculty, Shewfelt has created and redesigned many of the food science courses offered.Fletcher, a poultry science professor, has researched poultry production and processing for 25 years. His research has had a major impact on production, processing and product export.His research on the effect of environmental and biological factors on meat color, muscle chemistry and egg quality has changed the way producers manage poultry. The poultry industry regards Fletcher as the foremost expert on slaughter methods and their effects on meat quality.He has received major poultry science awards, including the American Egg Board Research Award, Poultry Science Association Broiler Research Award, Poultry Products Research Award and the highly prestigious Merck Award for Achievement in Poultry Science. He also received the University of Helsinki Medal.Baldwin, an expert in peanut production, has been responsible for developing and implementing a statewide educational program in peanut production.He has been an integral part of the Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus team since its inception and has led the group relative to agronomic matters. He conceived and developed the concepts of twin-row and strip-till planting of peanuts to reduce production costs and environmental impact.Both cultural practices were added to the UGA TSWV Risk Assessment Index as management components for peanut production. This index, coupled with the development of TSWV resistant cultivars, has preserved the peanut industry in Georgia.Law has been an extension agent for the 19 years, spending the last 15 of those years in Washington County.Due to its size and diverse agriculture, Washington County demands a broad spectrum of educational programming. By fulfilling the county’s educational needs, Law has distinguished himself as an outstanding leader of agricultural projects, events, activities and educational efforts.Hoogenboom is an internationally known researcher in the development and application of crop simulation models, decision support systems and agrometeorology.He has coordinated the development of the Decision Support System for Agrotechnology Transfer since the early 1990s among various national and international institutions.DSSAT is a computer-based system that includes models for more than 20 agronomic crops, data utility tools and application programs for seasonal, crop rotation and spatial application of crop models. Since 1994, more than 1,000 copies of DSSAT have been sold and distributed to users in more than 90 countries.Hoogenboom developed an automated weather monitoring network for the CAES. This network has grown from three stations in 1991 to more than 45 stations in 2002.last_img read more

Jones Beach Theater 2014 Concert Calendar Filling Up

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Classic rock group Foreigner is set to play Nikon at Jones Beach Theater this summer.Acoustic guitarist/singer Jack Johnson, pop band OneRepublic and classic rock groups ranging from Steve Miller Band to Foreigner are among big-name acts slated to perform at the Jones Beach amphitheater this summer.The Memorial Day Weekend kickoff of the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater 2014 summer concert series may still be three months away, but tickets are on sale for the dozen dates that promoters have booked of mid-February.“I love that venue,” said Jeff Pilson, bassist for British-American rock band Foreigner, which returns to the beach June 28 with tickets going on sale Monday. “I love the way it sounds. I love the access you have to the people there. I love the setting. I love that area of Long Island.”Foreigner will be playing their hit classics, such as “Juke Box Hero,” “Cold as Ice” and “Urgent,” with supporting acts Styx and Eagles’ guitarist Don Felder on their Soundtrack of Summer tour.The current version of the concert calendar starts off with Barry Gibb of disco group Bee Gees fame on May 23, songstress Sheryl Crow with country supporting acts Rascal Flatts and Gloriana on May 30 followed by soft rockers Jack Johnson and Amos Lee strumming it up June 7.Classic rock bands Journey, Steve Miller Band and Tower of Power will hit the beach June 16. Pop-punk bands Fall Out Boy, Paramore, New Politics and The Maine are slated for June 21. And then pop rockers One Republic, The Script and American Authors are up on June 29.The Vans Warped Tour traveling punk-and-extreme-sports festival returns July 12. The line up includes For Today, Stray from the Path, Teenage Bottlerocket, Air Dubai, Mixtapes, Mayday Parade, Beartooth, Plague Vendor, The Protomen, Attila, Saves the Day, A Skylit Drive, The Ghost Inside, Tear Out the Heart, I the Mighty, and The Devil Wears Prada. More acts are to be announced later.On July 16, folk crooner James Taylor and his All Star Band will perform his biggest hits. Classic rockers REO Speedwagon and Chicago will make a stop on their Summer Tour on Aug. 17. And metal band Motley Crue will close out the summer on Aug. 29 on the RIP: All Bad Things Must Come to an End the FINAL tour.Country artists Lady Antebellum and Joe Nichols are also scheduled to perform at a date that will be announced later. The concerts start after the annual Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach on May 24-25, starring the return of the U. S. Navy Blue Angels.All tickets on sale through www.LiveNation.comWhile the first bands to commit to play Jones Beach are usually classic rock acts—newer performers round out the summer line-up as the warmer weather nears—Foreigner’s bassist notes that their audience has gotten a boost in recent years.Pilson credits their new-found fans to video games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band, which feature their classics. A new generation of fans was further cemented in 2012, when “Juke Box Hero” was covered on the Fox TV series Glee.“There’s a whole new generation of people who listen to classic rock,” Pilson told the Press. “We definitely saw a different audience who started to come to the shows. And that’s absolutely wonderful.”As much as the music industry is continually changing, Foreigners fans remain loyal and connected, attending shows in record numbers and reaching out through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Pilson added.“They are even more endearing, loyal and we get a closer and closer connection with the fans,” Pilson said. “Social media has provided a lot of ways for people to get real close, so all of that is really positive. Live performances have more advantages than it’s ever had.”Pilson summed up how psyched he is to storm the stage by the sea this summer like this:  “We’re gonna go out there, three bands, and just go conquer the world for our little piece of time there!”last_img read more

Coal miner Adaro’s profit falls 17 percent in Q1 as coal prices slump

first_img“Our performance in this year’s first quarter reflects the operational excellence of our core coal assets as we recorded solid production volume amid the difficult market condition,” Adaro president director Garibaldi Thohir in a statement on Friday. “In this challenging time for the global economy and the coal market, we continue to improve our efficiency, ensure discipline in spending and maintain a solid balance sheet.”Adaro’s revenue fell, as its higher sales volume was offset by falling prices. The company’s yearly sales volume rose by 8 percent to 14.39 million tons. The price of coal fell by a sharper 27.3 percent yoy to $66.6 per ton in the Jan-March period, based on Indonesia’s coal benchmark prices (HBA).The company’s costs also declined by 5 percent to $552 million amid reduced mining activity and fuel consumption as Adaro implemented cost control measures.Read also: Indonesia’s coal giant ventures deeper into renewable energyThe global demand for coal collapsed earlier this year as businesses and industries around Asia – the world’s largest coal market – suspended their businesses at the behest of their respective governments following the COVID-19 outbreak.Adaro, like other Indonesian coal miners, faces export risks over India’s recently extended lockdown. The South Asian country is Indonesia’s second-largest coal buyer behind China.The company, which is traded on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) under the stock symbol ADRO, fell 2.12 percent on Friday. The benchmark Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) fell 0.14 percent.Topics : Coal miner PT Adaro Energi’s profit shrank by 17.36 percent year-on-year (yoy) to US$98.17 million in the first quarter amid falling coal prices and slumping demand in the coronavirus-ridden Asian economy.The publicly listed coal miner, which was the most profitable company of its kind last year, booked an 11 percent yoy sales decline to $750 million in the first quarter, according to Adaro’s latest financial report released on Friday.Read also: Indonesia’s largest power plant on schedule to operate next yearlast_img read more

Woods-Manning prevail in star-studded match, raised $20m for charity

first_imgTiger Woods says while his surgically repaired back may never be 10-out-of-10 again, it won’t stop him from being healthy and ready to go when the PGA Tour starts up again.The 44-year-old Woods says he’s been able to use the down time during the coronavirus pandemic to get himself in shape for an expected condensed fall golf season. “It is going to be interesting,” said Woods during a four-man charity golf tournament in Florida on Sunday. “I am used to trying to peak for majors in April, May, June and July, forever. Now this (COVID-19) has changed everything. It is fluid. It is on the fly.”  Asked to rate how his back feels on a scale of one to 10, Woods said, “Well, let’s just say 10 is not what it used to be.” PGA stars Woods and Phil Mickelson and two NFL quarterback legends Peyton Manning and Tom Brady squared off in an entertaining made-for-television charity golf event on Sunday that raised $20 million for coronavirus relief efforts.The 18-hole match included nine holes of four-ball and nine holes of modified alternate shot, with on-course challenges for charitable funds. Woods, who paired with Manning, showed no rust as they held off a back-nine rally from Mickelson and Brady for a one-up victory in the 18-hole match play format. Sunday’s event, called “The Match: Champions for Charity,”  was a rematch of sorts for Mickelson and Woods, who faced off in a similar charity event last year in Las Vegas. It also marked a return to the golf course for the both PGA stars due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PGA Tour is on hiatus until June 11, when the Charles Schwab Challenge at Colonial is scheduled to begin in Texas.The charity match was the first competitive golf for Woods since the Genesis Invitational on February 16, where he shot weekend rounds of 76-77 to finish in 68th place at the Riviera Country Club course. He said the forced break has been refreshing and described his health as surprisingly good considering he has been taken out of his regular training regime. “It is to nice be at home training each and every day,” Woods said. “I get some treatment on it and get onto a routine basically. “With this pandemic and everything that has happened, we (have) all been very careful and try to stay at home,” he said.Woods says he has enjoyed spending more time with his family and has added tennis to his workouts. “It has been good in that regard because I have been able to spend a lot of time with my kids. We had a lot of fun. This is the most amount of tennis I have played ever.” The start of Sunday’s match was delayed by rain that fell steadily throughout the majority of the round.Woods helped offset the difficult playing conditions Sunday by taking advantage of competing on his home course, the Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound. “I am just trying to hit it in the right spots. I kind of know this place,” he told a television interviewer early in his round.The entertaining match featured plenty of friendly banter and trash talking going back and forth between four of North America’s biggest sport stars.Brady, who recently signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after winning six Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots, made the shot of the day on the par-five seventh.Wardrobe malfunction Brady had been struggling for much of the first round, but his approach on No. 7 landed just past the hole before spinning wildly to the right and rolling into the centre of the cup.”When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” an obviously relieved Brady said of his first good shot of the day.The shot was notable for another reason: it included a wardrobe malfunction. Brady also split his pants on the shot, resulting in a hasty costume change.Pants wanted in on social distancing I guess…— Tom Brady (@TomBrady) May 25, 2020″There was so much torque on that swing,” he joked.The birdie also lightened the wallet of PGA golfer Brooks Koepka. When he saw Brady struggling early in the round, Koepka tweeted out a promise to donate $100,000 to charity if Brady could make a par on the front nine.”Brooks owes me a little money,” Brady said following his surprise birdie.Topics :last_img read more

Mandate roundup: Swiss investor tenders large cap via IPE Quest

first_imgA Swiss investor has issued a large cap growth equity tender worth €250m via IPE Quest.According to the QN-2611 search, the mandate is to follow the MSCI Europe index, with a minimum 1.5% expected level of tracking error.Participating managers should have at least €3bn in assets under management as a firm, and at least €1bn under the growth large cap equity. Their track record should be at least three years, but a minimum of five years is preferred.The deadline for applications is 26 June at 5pm UK time. Applicants should state performance data to 31 May 2020, gross of fees. The IPE news team is unable to answer any further questions about IPE Quest, Discovery, or Innovation tender notices to protect the interests of clients conducting the search. To obtain information directly from IPE Quest, please contact Jayna Vishram on +44 (0) 20 3465 9330 or email county pension fund turns to COIN for adviceThe Swedish county of Gävleborg has appointed COIN as the new consultant for its SEK5bn (€475m) pension fund after a tender process in which only one firm participated.Stockholm-based COIN Investment Consulting Group won the contract to provide pensions investment management advice for the Region Gävleborg administration of the central Swedish coastal county, with the result announced on the TED EU tendering site.A spokesman for the council told IPE that COIN would replace Söderberg & Partners, which had been providing consultancy services up to now.Region Gävleborg manages its own pension fund, he said, with the help of consultants for different assignments such as reporting, finding investment alternatives and sustainability reports.According to the council’s 2019 financial report, the pension fund grew to SEK5.15bn and returned 17.7% last year, but this was 3.9 percentage points lower than the benchmark.Alternative investments and foreign equities both underperformed the index last year, it reported, however, since inception, it said the fund had returned an average of 6.4% a year – 0.5% above the index.With total pension liabilities of SEK7.9bn, the pension fund had a 65.5% funding ratio at the end of 2019, according to the report.The spokesman said the council had been surprised that only one firm applied for the contract in the tender process.To read the digital edition of IPE’s latest magazine click here.last_img read more

Boys Tennis Sectional Results

first_imgBoys Tennis Sectional ResultsThursday  (10-3)Sectional 16 @ South DearbornOldenburg  4     Milan  1Batesville  3     East Central  2Sectional 13 @ ConnersvilleConnersville  3     Franklin County  2Rushville  5    Union County  0Sectional 27 @ Jennings CountySouthwestern  3     Jennings County  2Greensburg  5     Madison  0last_img

Match Reports: Senior Hurling games

first_imgThe first of a double-header in Boherlahan saw JK Brackens overcome Knockavilla Donaskeigh-Kickhams.John O’Shea was at the game for Tipp FM Sport.Cappawhite battled it out with Moneygall in the Ragg. Eugene Ryan was at the game for Tipp FM Sport.Killenaule were up against Éire Óg Anacarty/Donohill.Stephen Gleeson was at the match for Tipp FM Sport.Three senior hurling championship games threw-in at half six. Nenagh Éire Óg are against Templederry Kenyons in Toomevara. In Holycross Clonoulty-Rossmore take on Ballina while in Templemore Upperchurch-Drombane will face-off against Kildangan.last_img read more

Junior paddler Swastika Gosh facing financial crisis in Mumbai due to lockdown

first_img Written By COMMENT 1 month ago 2 injured in firing by group of people in outer Delhi’s Narela First Published: 8th August, 2020 14:26 IST Last Updated: 8th August, 2020 14:26 IST Junior Paddler Swastika Gosh Facing Financial Crisis In Mumbai Due To Lockdown Swastika Ghosh is facing acute financial crisis due to the coronavirus-forced lockdown and her family is contemplating returning to her native place World number five junior paddler Swastika Ghosh is facing acute financial crisis due to the coronavirus-forced lockdown and her family is contemplating returning to her native place near here as they are struggling to even pay the room rent in Mumbai.Swastika’s father Sandeep, who is also her coach-cum-training partner, is rendered jobless for more than four months and he is finding it difficult to pay the rent of the house they are staying at Navi Mumbai.Sandeep was a table tennis coach at the DAV Public School at Nerul but since the lockdown, he is under “no work, no pay”. He has been forced to spend all his provident fund savings to make the ends meet.”Everyday Swastika needs food supplements worth about Rs 1200 to compensate for her six hours’ training. Everything has stopped now and if the lockdown continues like this we may have to quit and return to Bengal,” the Level 2 coach, who has been in Mumbai since 1992, told PTI.”I had about Rs 60,000 left in my provident fund that also I’ve spent and later borrowed some money from my in-laws. We are left with no saving now and there’s no way I can fund her training expense now.”He said the family was thinking of going back to their native place at Andul, a suburb of Kolkata.”At least we have a shelter there.” he said. “I just hope that the school reopens and training resumes soon, otherwise everything is doomed for us,” the 52-year-old said.Having become the cadet national champion at nine years of age in Ajmer 2013, Swastika made rapid strides in the last two years, improving her world junior rankings from 278 in January 2018 to a career-best fifth in April this year.Swastika is currently the top-ranked Indian junior with national champion Diya Chitale a distant 38 in the TTFI world rankings.”It’s the result of her exposure in Golden and Premier Series meets over the last two years. She has won about eight bronze medals at international level. But now we are uncertain what the future holds for her.”Sandeep said he had written to both the central and state government, apart from the Maharashtra federation but there’s been “no response” yet.”I had written to sports minister Kiren Rijiju and the state sports department here but there has been no response. Even the Maharashtra federation is turning a deaf ear to our plight.”The only help they have got is from the Bengal Chamber which is funding her with Rs one lakh through a charity musical event.”It will be quite a help and will run for a few months. I just hope the situation normalises by then and we are back at training,” said Sandeep.If all goes well, Swastika is targeting a medal at the World Junior Championships in Guimaraes, Portugal, from November 29-December 6.”It will be history if she wins a world championship medal. We will try our best. The next target is to do well at youth level and make the cut at senior level. If she improves her ranking at least the Ministry can consider her including in the TOP Scheme,” Sandeep said. 1 month ago ON TAPE: Sushant’s aide questions Sandip Ssingh’s role in death, draws link to Disha WATCH US LIVE LIVE TVcenter_img FOLLOW US WE RECOMMEND Press Trust Of India 1 month ago Delhi: 2 held for stabbing, looting man 1 month ago The many warped inconsistencies in Sushant’s so-called friend Sandip Ssingh’s narrative SUBSCRIBE TO US 1 month ago Kerala gold smuggling case: NIA arrests two more accused; gets custody for 4 dayslast_img read more